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Using the MPD as a Tool

The online MPD Self-Assessment Survey can be a helpful tool to cultivate the culture of vocations. It is a practical means to foster thought and reflection upon life, and in particular one's purpose and mission.

Vocation Retreat, Benedictine Abbey, Subiaco AR

The MPD survey can be taken by an individual or as a group activity. When it is taken as part of a group, the leader (such as a priest, youth minister, teacher, etc.) can look over the group's results online and follow up with individuals to invite them to further reflect upon God's call in their lives. This can encourage survey takers to ask themselves whether the Lord may be calling them to a life of service and commitment to the Church.

The MPD survey is meant only to be a tool of affirmation and is one facet of vocational discernment. For some, it has been a great first step to seriously consider a priestly or religious vocation.

MPD Vocation Associates

A group interested in promoting vocations can apply to become an MPD Vocation Associate. An Associate is typically a diocese, religious community or other organization authorized to use the MPD as a vocational assessment tool. Such a group can use the survey for its own promotional efforts. Each Associate is assigned a Group Code, which enables survey takers to become part of its group. (See the information sheet, "Using the Group Code.") Associates are also issued a password which allows them to view and download data (scores, names and addresses) from their account. (See the information sheet, "Gaining Access to Scores and Data.") The data of survey-takers can be accessed individually, or in aggregate, and can be downloaded onto an Excel spreadsheet. This is helpful in generating mail-merged letters or phone lists.

Interested parties can contact the MPD Administrator for more information on becoming an Associate. Once approved, and a nominal annual fee is paid, the Associate will be given access to the use of the survey and can have access to data and survey results.

To apply to become an MPD Vocation Associate, contact

Vocations Placement Service