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Read what others have said about the MPD Self-Assessment Survey and sample comments received from those who have taken the MPD online

Episcopal Endorsements:

"The MPD has proven to be an effective tool in identifying those who can minister well in the Church. It joins heartfelt prayer for God's grace as a help in discerning one's vocation."

Francis Cardinal George,
O.M.I. Archbishop of Chicago

"We are learning more and more each day about the importance of helping young people to discover their aptitudes and interests when it comes to making life choices. Wonderful tools to assist us are now available. The Ministry Potential Discerner (MPD) has developed such a tool."

Most Rev. Gerald A. Gettelfinger,
Bishop of Evansville

"Knowing that Cardinal Bernardin backed the MPD Self-Assessment Survey, and that his vocation staff has endorsed it, will be very helpful as we share information about the MPD Self-Assessment Survey with Bishops around the country. I am delighted with the progress that is being made in Illinois."

Most Rev. Robert J. Carlson,
Chairman Bishops Committee on Vocations

Sample Comments from Online Participants:

"Thank you so very much for the MPD and sending my results. I am excited about my score. I know a couple of Dominican novices that I'm close to and they are encouraging me onward. God is good!"    -   C.H.

"Thank you for e-mailing me the results. They were VERY encouraging!! God bless you!"    -   K.S.

"I am so glad I received the results of my self-assessment survey. I cannot believe that I have a very strong potential to pursue a priestly vocation. This survey will be very helpful and inspiring for people who are also discerning the priestly or religious vocation like me. Keep up the good work. I'll share it with some of my friends and invite them to test their calling."    -   A.V.

"I was so surprised to receive a response from you. I didn't know you would take such interest in my vocation. Again, thank you very much and your assessment really made my day. I really am contemplating entering the seminary and your response nailed it! Thank you very much and be a blessing to many. You sure are one to me!"    -   D.W.