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How it Works

After reading each MPD Self-Assessment Survey statement, online respondents are asked to mark the extent to which they agree or disagree with each statement.

The statements of the 39-question survey are organized into six categories: Self, Others, My Family, God and Religion, My Life and Destiny, and My Personal Life. For example, in the My Life and Destiny category, one of the statements reads: "I do want to find out if God has given me special talents and gifts to be of service to others." A strong agreement with such a statement may indicate a possible interest or potential in a priestly or religious vocation.

Scores on certain statements rank those taking the vocational self-assessment survey from having a modest to a strong expressed interest in the priesthood or religious life. A numerical score is calculated based on responses to individual questions. This numerical score is a possible indicator of one's spiritual aptitude in regards to a potential priestly or religious vocation. The numerical scores can be interpreted this way:

♦  500+ Strong potential
♦  400-499 Moderate potential
♦  300-399 Slight potential

The survey is meant only to be a tool of affirmation and one facet of discernment.

Your Score and Emailed Response

Reporting procedures for the MPD Self-Assessment Survey consist of an immediate on-screen score given upon completion of the survey. This score is also emailed to the survey taker. The email lists the three segments mentioned above, and it gives encouragement for the person to continue seeking God`s will through intense prayer and spiritual direction to discover one's vocation. The score and email is provided at no cost. It can be taken again and again.

Optional Four to Six-Page Analysis

An individualized analysis of four to six pages can be sent to the survey taker via email for a nominal fee. This analysis consists of the individual's reponses to questions in the survey. It highlights key strengths as well as areas needing attention. For example, the analysis may say,

"Your over-all score on this Pre-Discerner Instrument was in the Top Segment of the various Groupings. This may, or may not, surprise you. It would mean that this letter could be an important event in your life, and certainly God is saying something special to you for your future."

The analysis, on the other hand, will also highlight areas of concern, as for example, if areas of morality are not thought to be important in the life of a Christian. For example,

"You marked a 'Weak Agree' to the taking of drugs or alcohol for thrills, 'highs,' fun, etc. If this is not a mismark .... do pray about the strength of your convictions regarding the use of drugs and/or alcohol for thrills, kicks, or 'highs'; it may also be good to talk this matter over with an adult you respect and trust."

Sample emailed letter.

At left is the first part of a sample analysis letter.

An invitation to get this analysis is made with the email that is sent to the survey taker. Click through, and make payment via a secure PayPal connection. You will soon receive your four to six-page analysis via email.